Alert Section

Roads, Streets and Travel

Report any problem affecting the street, highway or open area e.g. pothole, fly tipping, streetlight. View bus times, apply for a bus pass / railcard, view roadworks on a map, pay a parking fine and more

Bus timetables

Timetables and journey planning. Bus times on your mobile! Further service information.

Pay and Display Car Parking

Locations of all the Pay and Display Car Parks in Flintshire.

Traffic Regulation Orders

The following Notices relate to Traffic Regulation Orders that are currently being advertised within the County.

Roadworks List

List of roadworks in Flintshire.

Shotton High Street - Consultation

Flintshire County Council are seeking your views on proposals to implement Active Travel (walking and cycling) infrastructure, enhancements to the natural environment and measures to improve traffic flow on the B5129 Shotton High Street from Brook Road to Shotton Lane.

Consultation Document - Safe Routes in the Community Hope

Flintshire County Council has been successful in obtaining funding from the Welsh Government to help address road safety concerns

Active Travel Network Map Consultation

View information on Active Travel in Flintshire


View all the latest registered roadworks, closures and diversions in Flintshire.

Adopted Roads

Find out whether a road in Flintshire is adopted and therefore maintained by the Council as highway authority (or the Welsh Government in the case of a trunk road).

Dog fouling

How to report dog fouling or an overflowing bin. Fines and enforcement against dog fouling

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure

This is the initial phase of chargepoints in the County and represents the first step towards addressing the Council's Climate Change Strategy action: 'Ensure vehicle charging points are available at key areas across the county – rural and urban.'

Fly-tipping (dumped rubbish)

How to report fly-tipping, what information we need and householder duty of care for waste removal

Litter and street sweeping

How and when we sweep the streets and how to report a problem

Potholes, pavement & road defects

Report a problem on the highway (including the footpath) e.g. potholes or other defects

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle may be treated as abandoned if it has been left in an area for a period of time or has no registered keeper.

Active Travel - Holywell Safe Routes to Schools

Flintshire County Council is seeking your views on proposals to implement Active Travel (walking and cycling) infrastructure on two routes within Holywell.

Bus pass (over 60's or disabled)

Apply for a bus pass, get a replacement pass or view terms of use.

Car parks

Pay and display prices and restrictions, map showing location of all car parks, how to report a maintenance problem

Dead Animals

Information about reporting dead animals in public areas.

Parking fines & enforcement

If you do not keep to the rules, you may find a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) - on your windscreen when you return to your vehicle

Blue Badge

Apply for a blue badge or renew an existing badge.

Trees, Hedges and Grass

Grounds maintenance information and how to report a problem.

Flooding and Drainage

Flooding on the highway. Responsibility for drains, sewers and water mains.

Vehicular Crossing

A vehicle access crossing provides the legal means to allow you to access your property safely and easily when using a car or other domestic vehicle.

Fly posting and unauthorised signs

Find out who deals with fly posting and which signs do or do not need permission


How to report it and who deals with graffiti.

Gritting and Winter Maintenance

Find out more about gritting, footway and road clearance, and how gritting works

Public Rights of Way Section 53B Register

Public Rights of Way Section 53B Register

Public Rights of Way Section 31(6) Register

Public Rights of Way Section 31(6) Register

Young Person's Travel Discount Card

People aged 16-21 can save approx. 30% on bus journeys

Public rights of way

View the public rights of way network, report a problem and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Public toilets

Report a problem or request a RADAR key

Highway or street name signs

Report damaged, missing, unsafe, dirty or obscured signs on the road or pavement

Road safety

Information, advice and resources.

Train times and tickets (National Rail)

Did you know that the Council has bike lockers at all the county's train stations?

Senior Citizen Concessionary Railcards

How to apply for or renew a Senior Railcard.

Stray, lost and dangerous dogs

Find out what to do if you find a stray dog, what happens once they're captured and what to do if your dog goes missing.

Street furniture

Report damaged, missing or unsafe street furniture e.g. bus shelters / benches / crash barriers etc.

Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation

Flintshire County Council's Active Travel Consultation

Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation Summary

Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation Summary

Bus Network Review

A review will consider the current supported bus network and how best to prioritise increasingly limited public funding where there is most need and ensure that service delivery is consistent, fair and equitable across the County.

Draft Street Lighting Policy

Flintshire County Council is revising its current street lighting policy to provide a cost effective and efficient service, and minimise the Council's carbon footprint.

Grass Cutting Policy

The Council provides a grass cutting service in a number locations and at key facilities around the County

Highway Improvement Works Information

Information relating to Improvement Works in Flintshire

Improvements to Queensferry Roundabout

Improvements to Queensferry Roundabout

20mph Welsh Government Consultation

Welsh Government is proposing to introduce a 20mph speed limit on restricted roads across Wales.

New Measures for Dog Control

As of the 20th October 2017 a PSPO in relation to dog control will take effect across Flintshire.

North Wales Joint Local Transport Plan Consultation 2015-2020

In accordance with the Transport Act 2000 and the modified Transport (Wales) Act 2006 Flintshire County Council as local transport authority, has prepared a Joint Local Transport Plan (LTP) with Wrexham, Denbighshire, Conway, Gwynedd and Anglesey local transport authorities.

Public Space Protection Orders

View the Order & a map of the restricted areas.

Spring Clean Cymru

Help tackle litter on our streets, green spaces and beaches this Spring Clean Cymru between 15 March – 31 March