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Trees, Hedges and Grass

Grass cutting update - 2024

The warm, wet weather over the Spring period has seen a surge in grass growth across the county, creating more demand for the dedicated members of our highways and grounds maintenance teams.  However, due to recent budget cuts, resources are being stretched more thinly compared to previous years.  Like other local authorities across the country, Flintshire has had to reduce spending this year on all its services, but the number of sites being maintained for grass cutting has not reduced (834 sites and 16 cemeteries).

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Trees / Hedges overhanging the Highway
Vegetation overhanging the highway can block highway signs and cause problems for those travelling on the pavement.  It is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 to permit any vegetation to restrict the passage of the highway user. 

Grass cutting, Weed and Shrub Maintenance
We cut grass, maintain hedgerows, trim overhanging trees and control weeds in a number of areas across Flintshire.  We cut roadside grass and maintain shrubs to ensure that the roads stay safe and signs are visible whilst taking in consideration of the environment and conservation issues.

We will maintain council owned land including:

  • highways verges and central reservations
  • roundabouts
  • public open space
  • parks and green spaces
  • housing estates
  • town centres
  • memorial gardens
  • cemeteries
  • sheltered housing
  • playing fields
  • recreation grounds
  • amenity areas
  • children's play areas
  • nature conservation areas
  • the weeds that we control adjacent to roads are Ragwort and Japanese Knotweed.

We do not maintain private land or land owned by bodies other than the Council.

The majority of grass clippings are not removed.  This is because the clippings are relatively short and mulch down quickly which slows down regrowth. Raking up, loading, transporting and removing them would increase costs. However, cuttings on paths or hard surfaces that represent a hazard are brushed or blown off and distributed over the grassed area.

Council housing tenants are responsible for maintaining their own gardens however, Housing Services do have a Garden Maintenance Scheme which helps pensioners or registered disabled people who are unable to garden and have no-one to help them.  Contact your neighbourhood housing office for further information. 

Contact Streetscene on 01352 701234.

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