Alert Section


The Streetscene service works with the Probation Service in an effort to rid the County of graffiti.  The Streetscene supervisors, who are regularly out on patrol, spot and report most incidents of graffiti.

What happens next?
A Streetscene supervisor will attend the scene and check to ascertain what type of paint has been used, what surface it is sprayed or painted on and whether it is offensive.  They will then liaise with the Graffiti Busters in the Probation Service who will remove it.  We will not remove graffiti from private property or business premises as this is the responsibility of the owner/occupier.  We only remove graffiti from public areas and Council property (including council housing).

The aim is to remove all sexual, racial or personal graffiti within 6 hours and to remove all other reported graffiti within 24 hours.