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Adopted Roads

Find out whether a road in Flintshire is adopted and therefore maintained by the Council as highway authority (or the Welsh Government in the case of a trunk road).

An adopted road is a road maintainable at the public expense (ie) maintained by the highway authority.

In Flintshire, the County Council is the highway authority for all adopted roads and Welsh Government are the highway authority for trunk roads. The only trunk roads in Flintshire are the A494 & A55.

Private roads are not adopted and therefore not maintained by the highway authority. The highway authority is under no obligation to carry out repairs, maintenance or street cleansing to unadopted roads.

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Highways Maintained at Public Expense


Grey - Trunk Road
Pink - A Road (Class A)
Blue - B Road (Class II)
Brown - Classified (Class III)
Yellow - Unclassified
Green - Roads subject to S38 Agreement
Hatched - Roadway subject to a New Street Order