Alert Section

Flooding and Drainage

Flooding on the highway

(Including the pavement, public roads, blocked gullies, gratings, highway drains or roadside ditches)

We regularly inspect and maintain the above mentioned highway drainage systems including culverted watercourses (a device used to channel water) and associated pumping stations to ensure they remove water efficiently. We clear and clean all gullies in Flintshire on an annual cycle.  We will visit certain areas more frequently due to local need or during increased leaf fall. 

Contact Streetscene on 01352 701234.

What happens next?

Depending on the severity of the situation we will respond to flooding reports within 2 to 24 hours. If flooding occurs frequently we will review and where necessary alter the drainage system or road surface.

Flooding from a burst water main

Welsh Water (0800 085 3968) is responsible for the supply of water and the pipes up to and including the water stopcock on the boundary of your property. A stopcock is a valve that is used to switch off the flow of water to your property. You are responsible for pipework in your house and water pipes from your house to the boundary stopcock.

Responsibility for drains and sewers

Private drains convey foul sewage (waste from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens) and surface water (rain water) from a single private property. Responsibility for its maintenance normally lies with the property owner.

Private sewers convey foul sewerage and/or surface water runoff from more than one property. They are the responsibility of Welsh Water if they connect to the main public sewer, 0800 085 3968. Some groups of properties are connected to a private pumping station / treatment works / soakaway, which is owned and needs to be maintained by owners or occupiers of the properties connected to it.

Public sewers (lateral drains) are the section of your property's drain that lies outside the property boundary. They collect foul sewage and/or surface water runoff from private drains and connect to a public sewer, or directly to a public sewer. Your local water and sewerage company (Welsh Water) are responsible for maintenance and repairs to these pipes. Any public sewer blockages or sewer flooding should be reported directly to Welsh Water on 0800 085 3968.

Watercourses and Land Drainage

Watercourses (e.g. streams or ditches), other than main rivers, are the responsibility of ‘riparian’ owners. You are a riparian owner if your property or land is on or very near a watercourse. Riparian owners have a duty to keep the watercourse clear of any obstruction to flow and we can serve legal notices on riparian owners to deal with obstructions. Certain "strategic" watercourses that are known to pose a high risk of property flooding if they become blocked are checked and maintained by our contractor on a regular basis.

There is no duty on us (as the highway authority) to deal with surface water run-off from land next to the road. However, we do have powers to force landowners, with land next to the highway, to carry out reasonable drainage works under the Land Drainage Act 1991.

Refer to useful documents 'Your rights and responsibilities of riverside ownership in Wales'.


Main river and coastal flooding is the responsibility of Natural Resources Wales. Contact their Floodline on 03000 65 3000; a 24 hour advice and information service for floods and flood warnings. You can also register to receive flood warnings.