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Grass Cutting Policy

Grass cutting update - 2024

The warm, wet weather over the Spring period has seen a surge in grass growth across the county, creating more demand for the dedicated members of our highways and grounds maintenance teams.  However, due to recent budget cuts, resources are being stretched more thinly compared to previous years.  Like other local authorities across the country, Flintshire has had to reduce spending this year on all its services, but the number of sites being maintained for grass cutting has not reduced (834 sites and 16 cemeteries).

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The Council provides a grass cutting service in a number locations and at key facilities around the County. These include the following areas:

  • Roadside verges
  • Amenity Areas
  • Public footpaths / Cyclic Routes
  • Hedges
  • Bus-stops
  • Village / Town Gateways
  • Recreation Sports Grounds –
  • Cemeteries
  • Tenants Gardens

 The County has a legal responsibility for managing the Highway Network in terms of keeping the routes available and safe for the passage of the highway user. It undertakes this duty in its role as the Highway Authority.

Grass cuttings will be picked up in exceptional circumstances only – particularly on the first cut in tenant gardens and amenity areas directly fronting sheltered accommodation.

The delivery mechanisms for grass cutting is as follows:

  • Rural Highway Verges – Contracted
  • Urban Verges – Contracted
  • Amenity Areas – Part contracted / part in-house
  • Cemeteries – In-house
  • Tenants Gardens – Contracted
  • Hedges – Contracted
  • School Playing fields – Contracted
  • Rights of Way – Contracted (Managed by Countryside services)

Should you have any concerns or comments in relation to grass cutting, then please contact Streetscene.

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Grass Cutting Policy