Alert Section

Road and street signs

We are responsible for ensuring that highway signs are clean, undamaged and clearly visible to highway users. 

The service we provide
We will remove graffiti, fly posting, and dirt from highway signs.  We will also cut back any council owned trees / hedges etc that are obstructing a clear view of the sign.  If we do not own the tree / hedge we will contact the owner of the tree / hedge and ask them to remove the obstruction.  If any sign is damaged we will arrange the necessary repairs. 

We do not maintain the following signs: AA information signs, privately owned signs.

Contact Streetscene on 01352 701234.

New streets
We have a duty to ensure that new streets are named and numbered by developers.  The developer is then responsible for erecting name plates to the council's specification. The Building Control Street Naming & Numbering Guide (PDF 520KB new window) provides advice for the selection of names for streets within new developments.

Renaming and renumbering streets
Sometimes it is necessary to rename or renumber a street.  This is usually only done as a last resort when:

  • there is confusion over a street's name and/or numbering
  • a group of residents are unhappy with their street name
  • new properties are built in a street and there is a need for other properties to be re-numbered to accommodate the new properties
  • the number of named-only properties in a street is causing confusion for visitors and the emergency services

What you can do
It is important to ensure that your property is clearly signed with a name or number and that a street sign is clearly visible.  This is especially important for the emergency services.