Alert Section

Street furniture

Street furniture is a general term used for items such as:

  • Litter bins
  • Benches
  • Bus shelters
  • Most illuminated and non-illuminated signs and bollards
  • Lamp posts
  • Traffic signals and variable message signs 
  • Highway fencing
  • Crash barriers 
  • Walls (but not privately owned)
  • Barriers
  • Salt bins
  • Traffic counter boxes     
  • Cycle racks
  • Notice boards
  • Road nameplates
  • It can also refer to decorative items such as ornate street lighting, hanging baskets and planted troughs.

Statutory undertakers (water, gas, electricity and telephone companies) are also allowed to place items on the highway such as:

  • Telephone/electricity poles and cabinets 
  • Mobile phone masts 
  • Fire hydrants 
  • Stop valve markers 

Reporting a problem

Items such as bollards and salt bins are numbered.  Please provide the number of the item where possible and the exact location, such as land mark, road junction or house number, the type of street furniture and the actual problem.

Contact Streetscene on 01352 701234.

Report a problem

What happens next?

Your report will be sent to our Streetscene team.  Damage to any item of street furniture will be investigated and if owned by the Council it will be repaired where feasible.  If it is owned by a third party we will make them aware of the damage.

If the damaged furniture is dangerous then the damage will be made safe as quickly as possible, usually within 2 hours.  Repairs will arranged quickly but may take longer if the replacement has to be specially made.