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Housing Support

Housing Support is a Welsh Government funded programme, which provides housing related support services to people over the age of 16. It is an early intervention programme to support activity, which prevents people from becoming homeless, stabilises their housing situation, or help potentially homeless people to find and keep accommodation.  Support is person centred, aimed at supporting people to secure and maintain sustainable housing by addressing problems they may face.

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What is Housing related support?

Housing related support is provided to help people develop or maintain the skills and confidence necessary to live as independently as possible. It can involve:

•    Help to maintain tenancies
•    Help with managing money/paying bills

•    Help with keeping the home safe

•    Help with accessing education and employment

•    Help with benefits and finances

•    Help to understand and fill in forms

•    Help to join local community groups

•    Help to rebuild relationships

•    Help to find suitable and affordable accommodation.

How to access Housing Support

Housing Support services can be accessed via the Housing Support Gateway.  The service will carry out checks relating to suitability and eligibility, and can then allocate the referral to the most appropriate support provider.  The service provider will then make contact with the person and arrange for an assessment to be completed, where the level and type of support to be provided will be agreed between the person and the provider. If you, or someone you know, may be in need of housing related support then you can:

•    Ask your social worker or health professional, or any other professional from agencies such as Housing, Probation, Education, or Department for Work and Pensions to make contact
•    Ask a friend or member of your family to make contact
•    Make contact yourself by calling the Housing Support Duty Officer on 01352 703515 or emailing

The client categories for Housing Support funding are as follows:  
•    People experiencing Domestic Abuse  
•    People with Learning Disabilities
•    People with Mental Health Issues
•    People with Alcohol Issues
•    People with Substance Misuse Issues
•    People with Criminal Offending History
•    People with Refugee Status
•    People with Physical and/or Sensory Disabilities
•    People with Developmental Disorders (e.g. Autism)
•    People with Chronic Illnesses (including HIV, AIDS)
•    Families with Support Needs
•    Single People with Support Needs aged 16+
•    Generic/Floating Support/Peripatetic (tenancy support services which cover a range of user needs)