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Your wedding day is special to you and to the Flintshire Registration Service.  We are delighted to provide you with information and guidance on getting married in Flintshire, and have great pleasure in helping you to make your wedding day as special and memorable as you could wish for.  

To discuss the requirements for your special day, please arrange an appointment with the Superintendent Registrar on 01352 703333 or email

Latest News 13/11/18: Success at inaugural Wedding Open Day   
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Llwynegrin Hall Ceremony Room, The Register Office, Mold.

Llwynegrin Hall Ceremony Room / Ystafell SeremonĂ¯au Neuadd Llwynegrin

Can I get married or form a civil partnership?

You can get married or form a civil partnership in England or Wales if you’re:

  • 16 or over
  • not already married or in a civil partnership
  • not closely related

Same sex couples can convert a civil partnership into a marriage in England or Wales.

If you’re under 18
You need permission from your parents or guardians to get married or form a civil partnership in England or Wales.  

There are different rules if you want to get married or form a civil partnership in Scotland, Northern Ireland or abroad.  

If you or your partner are from outside the UK
You must apply for a visa to get married or form a civil partnership in the UK if you:

  • are not a British or Irish citizen
  • do not have indefinite leave to remain in the UK

For further information regarding getting married or forming a civil partnership, please visit the GOV.UK website.

Civil Ceremonies

A civil marriage is a ceremony performed by a Superintendent Registrar and Registrar.

Your ceremony can take place at any Register Office or Approved Premises in England or Wales, irrespective of where you live.

You must be at least 16 years of age and if you are under 18 years of age, you will need the consent of your parent(s) or guardian before you can be married.

Your marriage can be carried out at a range of venues to suit your needs.  We are sure you will find the perfect place to exchange your vows.

We take special care when arranging your civil ceremony in Flintshire, paying attention to the smallest detail.  You may enhance your ceremony with readings or poems to make your ceremony unique and personal.

We can offer you an English, Welsh or bilingual ceremony, which you will be able to enhance with a range of readings and music.

Preliminary arrangements

Notice of marriage must be given in the local Register Office where you live.

As soon as you have decided when and where you wish to be married, if you live in Flintshire, you should contact the Flintshire Register Office to arrange for you and your partner to give Notice of Marriage.  You must reside in a district for at least 7 days before giving Notice.  If you live in different districts, each of you will have to give Notice in your own district.  Your marriage may take place within 12 months of giving notice after a clear period of 28 days has elapsed / 16 days for notices given before 2 March 2015.

Documents needed for Notice of Marriage

  • Proof of identity and nationality (preferably your passport).  If you do not have a current valid passport, you should produce your birth certificate.  Since 1 January 1983 your nationality is dependent on the nationality of your parents.  If you were born before that date, you should produce your passport or birth certificate.  If you were born after that date you should produce your passport or full birth certificate together with evidence of the nationality of one of your parents (their birth certificate or passport)
  • Proof of address
  • If you are divorced, your Decree Absolute or Final Order of Civil Partnership dissolution bearing the court’s original stamp
  • If you are widowed, the Death Certificate of your former spouse
  • If you have formally changed your name, your Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration document• If you are non British and subject to immigration controls you will both need to give your notice of marriage at a Designated Register Office.  Contact the Flintshire Register Office for further information
  • Current feeYou will need to arrange for two people to be present to act as witnesses to your marriage.  The two witnesses must be aged 16 or over and be capable of fully understanding the proceedings.  The Registrar will require the name of both witnesses.

Religious Ceremonies

Church of England or Church in Wales
Should you wish to be married in either of the above, you or your partner would normally be required to live within the parish of the church, or be a regular worshipper.  If the Vicar is able to marry you, he/she will arrange for the Banns to be called or for a Common Licence to be issued.  The marriage will also be registered by the Vicar, and there will be no need to contact the local Register Office.

Other Places of Religious Worship
The church or religious building in question must normally be located within the registration district where you or your partner live or if outside the district, be a place of usual worship for either or both of you.  The service will be conducted by the Minister/Priest of the venue, but occasionally a Registrar is required to register the marriage.

To book a ceremony at any of the above venues, contact the appropriate Minister, and the Register Office, where necessary.

Ceremony fees

Marriage fees vary depending on the service provided, location of the ceremony and whether weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday.  For further information please see our table of fees.

Do we have to live in Flintshire to be married there?

Providing that both of you are 16 years of age or over and are otherwise free to marry, anyone can arrange to have their ceremony in Flintshire.  

Both of you must have lived in the Flintshire registration district for at least 7 days before giving notice at the Register Office. 

Notice of marriage has to be given in the registration district where you live.  If you both live in the same Registration District, you may each give notice at the same office.  If you live in different Registration Districts, you will each need to give notice separately in your own local Register Office.

Are we required to arrive at the ceremony together?

Not unless you want to, the choice is entirely yours.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I be given away at the ceremony?

This can be accommodated as part of the ceremony if you wish.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long does the ceremony take?

Ceremonies usually take around half an hour, depending whether you wish to include poems or readings to enhance your ceremony.  Please contact the Registrar for further details.

Can guests throw rice or confetti?

You may throw confetti outside of the Register Office.  If you are getting married at an approved venue then you will need to discuss this with the manager of the venue.

Where can we have photographs taken?

Flintshire has a wealth of superb locations to choose from for taking scenic photographs after the ceremony.  Many nearby attractions provide the ideal backdrop for your cherished album.  Flintshire Register Office has a garden at the front of the building ideally suited for group photographs.

Can we have photographs during the ceremony?

The Registrar will speak to your photographer to advise when to take photographs during the ceremony.

How soon should I contact the Registrar?

Early contact with the Registrar will allow plenty of time for you to arrange plans around the available dates for your ceremony.  You will also be able to discuss the choices available to you which make your special day an unforgettable one. Flintshire Register office allow bookings 24 months in advance upon payment of a non refundable Advanced Booking fee.

You may only give Notice of Marriage 12 months prior to your marriage.

For further guidance and information please contact Flintshire Register Office on 01352 703333 or email