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Affordable Housing

Flintshire County Council is committed to providing appropriate and affordable homes for its residents, with the aim of improving the choice and quality of local housing. Affordable housing is provided for households or potential households who do not have the ability to meet their own housing needs.  There are several different types of affordable housing including social rent, affordable rent (also known as intermediate rent) and affordable ownership (also known as intermediate ownership).

Social Rent Homes 
Social rented homes are provided by the Council or one of our partner Housing Associations.  For more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Affordable Rent
Affordable rent (also known as intermediate rent) is above social rent levels but is below open market rent levels.  This can be up to a maximum of 90% of local open market rents and is targeted at people who are not eligible for social housing but are unable to afford to rent or buy a home in the open market. Homes available for affordable rent are available either through North East Wales (NEW) Homes or our partner Housing Associations.   

For more information on NEW Homes including eligibility criteria and to make an application follow the link or telephone on 01352 701400.  
For more information on affordable rent homes available through Housing Associations and the eligibility criteria to apply, follow the link to Grwp Cynefin Housing Association website or telephone the Affordable Housing Team at Grwp Cynefin on 0300 111 2122.

Affordable Ownership
Affordable Ownership (also known as intermediate ownership) in Flintshire is provided through Shared Equity schemes. Shared Equity is usually offered on brand new properties purchased direct from a developer, or a second hand property previously bought on shared equity from a developer.  The property is sold at 70% of the open market value and the Council retains 30% as a legal charge on the property.  The 70% is paid through a conventional mortgage or combination of mortgage and savings, and a 5% deposit is usually required.
For further information on affordable ownership homes including eligibility, application and assessment process as well as any properties currently available, follow the link to Grwp Cynefin Housing Association website or telephone the Affordable Housing Team at Grwp Cynefin Housing Association on 0300 111 2122.
Grwp Cynefin Housing Association is the nominated agent who acts on behalf of the Council to manage and deliver the Affordable Housing Register for Flintshire.

Delivery of affordable homes in Flintshire
Flintshire County Council is committed to increase the numbers of new affordable homes through the Strategic Housing and Regeneration Programme (SHARP).  Working with their development partner Wates Residential, the council has started a new initiative to build new homes through SHARP, which will deliver 500 new homes across Flintshire by 2021. More information on the SHARP

Our partner Housing Associations develop new homes across Flintshire for social and intermediate rent. For more information on the individual housing associations follow the links below: 

First Choice Housing Association

Grwp Cynefin

Pennaf includes Clwyd Alyn  

Wales and West Housing