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Published: 10/07/2017

A draft of Flintshire County Council’s Council Plan will be considered at a Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Thursday, 13 July. The Plan for 2017-23 has been reviewed and refreshed to reflect the key priorities of the Council for the 5 year term of the new administration. Following continued levels of austerity, the name of the Plan has been changed from Improvement Plan to “Council Plan” and will focus on maintaining priority public services alongside showing ambition in areas of future development. The super-structure of the plan remains the same as previous plans and comprising six impact focussed priorities and relevant sub priorities, rather than eight. The six priorities take a long term view of projects and ambitions over the next five years. They are: · Supportive Council · Ambitious Council · Learning Council · Green Council · Connected Council · Serving Council This final draft of the Council Plan is the result of considerations by Overview and Scrutiny Committees within their respective terms of reference. The final Council Plan will be available on the website before the end of September once it has been endorsed by County Council. Councillor Aaron Shotton, Leader of Flintshire County Council said: This Plan sets out our key priorities to support and enhance residents’ lives. Some of our priorities in 2017-18 include expanding the provision of affordable homes for residents in need; protecting people from poverty, with a specific emphasis on fuel and food poverty; enabling people to live independently and well at home, whilst avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital; working with partners to sustain economic growth and increase employment opportunities; developing the county transport infrastructure to include an integrated Metro transport system. “In addition to these priorities, we aim to continue the work of supporting children and young people to achieve their potential; enhancing the natural environment and promoting access to open and green spaces. Despite continued financial austerity, we will remain committed and ambitious as a Council to continue to deliver for our local communities. Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin, said: “The plan has been refreshed and updated to reflect the key priorities of the Council for next five years. The Council is making progress in areas highlighted as priorities. The Plan also includes national and local issues which could impact our priorities and why. The important thing is Flintshire is continuing to reach and surpass its targets and is setting new priorities to develop the performance to sustain the solid performance of the Council every year.”