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Safeguarding is no AFTA Thought

Published: 28/06/2017

Flintshire County Council held a number of unique safeguarding workshops for their employees recently. Safeguarding is the protection of children and adults and includes the promotion of physical, emotional and mental health, protection from harm and neglect, education and training and social and economic well-being. Four half-day sessions, supported by the Council’s Safeguarding Panel, were run by AFTA Thought Training who use drama in their workshops. In these three hour sessions, employees were able to find the answers to questions like: - What’s Safeguarding got to do with me? - What are the signs and symptoms of abuse? - Do I have a duty to pass on concerns and, if so, what do I have to do? Chris Callander from AFTA Thought said: “We use actors to bring to life the actual lived experience of children, adults and professionals. The result is a training experience that will leave you in no doubt about your duties and responsibilities in protecting vulnerable people and promoting their well-being. Some of the scenarios used in the training include children, older people, mental health and learning disabilities.” Flintshire County Council’s Champions for Safeguarding, Councillor Billy Mullin and Councillor Christine Jones, said: “Keeping children and adults safe is everyone’s business. Social Services is the lead Council service for dealing with enquiries regarding any concerns, but everyone has a duty to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults. “Safeguarding is a priority for the Council and we take our responsibilities seriously. We have a Corporate Safeguarding Group which has developed the Council’s policy. These workshop sessions have come about as part of our commitment to safeguarding.” Jackie Jones, Chris Callander, James Podmore and Jane Bamber of AFTA Thought