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Celebrating Welsh language success

Published: 21/06/2017

Flintshire County Council has celebrated the success of teachers and classroom assistants who have completed Welsh courses during the year. At an Awards Ceremony held at the Beaufort Park Hotel, teachers and classroom assistants from English medium primary schools across the County received awards presented by the outgoing Chief Officer for Education and Youth, Ian Budd and his successor, Claire Homard. Ian Budd said: “Events such as this are important not only to celebrate the success of our workforce in improving their Welsh language skills but also to consolidate Flintshire’s strong commitment to the Welsh language. Through our Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP), we support people of all ages to improve their Welsh language skills and to give them the confidence to use the language in their daily lives.” The manager of the Flintshire Welsh Advisory team, Rhian Roberts, said: “Training staff has been high on the team’s agenda for several years and continues to be a vital element of our work. It is really important that our workforce has the necessary language skills to deliver age appropriate and sufficiently challenging work to pupils. Teachers and classroom assistants have also taken the opportunity to carry out Welsh Sabbatical courses provided by Bangor University in conjunction with Welsh Government. We will continue to work on this priority to ensure that Flintshire can meet the challenges of the Welsh Government’s target of creating a million Welsh speakers by 2050.” Teachers and Classroom Assistants from Flintshire Primary Schools along with Ian Budd, Claire Homard and Rhian Roberts and Sharon Jones of the Welsh Advisory Team