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Flintshire’s in Business

Published: 16/06/2017

Flintshire County Council’s latest business event took place at Soughton Hall recently. Flintshire in Business hosted a group of senior business leaders who had the opportunity to meet Lord Barry Jones, President of Flintshire in Business 2017, as well as hear from Flintshire County Council’s Chief Executive, Colin Everett and Clare Budden, Chief Officer for Community and Enterprise. Welcoming everyone to the event, President of Flintshire in Business, Lord Barry Jones, said: “Flintshire County Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council are looking for contributions and feedback from business leaders. We want to engage you in conversation and consultation. You are the economic generators of this great region which is the only cross-border economy in Britain with great manufacturing activity – more than 32% of our GDP is manufacturing – far higher than anywhere else in the country. If today’s meeting is a success, we want to hold more events like this. I really believe that Flintshire is one of the leading Councils in Wales and the North West.” Clare Budden then introduced four strategic documents which underpin the developing Bid:- 1. Growth Track 360 2. North Wales Growth Deal 3. Deeside Plan 4. Mersey Dee Growth Prospectus Colin Everett spoke in greater detail on the developing North Wales Growth Deal Bid which was on track to be submitted to both the UK and Welsh Governments over the summer. He said: “We have a compelling package of ambitious plans for which we are seeking funding from both Governments. Transport infrastructure and services is the key which will unlock our potential.” There followed a lively discussion which generated great suggestions and ideas from the business leaders. These included working with schools to show the benefits of apprenticeships, improving careers advice, the need for innovation and digital connectivity, using the river as a resource for sea transportation and the possibilities of increased air transport – the room was positively buzzing with ideas, agreement and plans to work together closely in the future. Flintshire County Council Chief Officer for Community and Enterprise, Clare Budden, said: “We really appreciate all the input from the business leaders and it has given us a different perspective on things – we will certainly be following up with them. I believe that, with all the coordinated work being done in partnership, we are in the best place we have ever been in to get the investment we need.” For more information or to obtain a copy of the four strategic documents or to find out more about Flintshire in Business events, please contact