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Serve yourself at Mold Library

Published: 10/03/2017

A self-service kiosk has been opened at Mold Library this month. The kiosk will help to speed up transactions for borrowers who have straightforward loans and returns, an option that is already available at Deeside and Holywell Libraries. Staff are on hand to show library visitors how to use the kiosk and to check that their membership card is compatible. Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Chris Bithell, said: “This will help customers as they can access the self-service quickly for straightforward transactions rather than wait for a member of staff to become available. The self-service kiosk can print receipts for items borrowed and returned. As the kiosk can read the details of a pile of books in one go, rather than scanning individual titles, it is ideal for families who have different members borrowing a number of books. As a service, we appreciate that not all our customers will wish to take advantage of the facility, however we envisage that it will release some staff time for more proactive reader development activities.” Staff will continue to provide a service for those who prefer not to use this option. Ian Bancroft, FCC Chief Office for Organisational Change, and Cllr Chris Bithell trying out the new kiosk