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A Plan for Shotton 

Published: 15/11/2021

When they meet on Tuesday 16 November, Cabinet members will be asked to approve the high level plan “A Plan for Shotton” to set the strategic direction for work in Shotton from now until 2030.  

The Plan will act as the catalyst for wider engagement of partner organisations, the community and other stakeholders. 

It encompasses the three wards of Shotton – East, Higher and West – which covers the large, busy high street and surrounding areas that contain good local facilities and transport links, with opportunities for future development. A Plan for Shotton seeks to maximise these local assets and opportunities whilst identifying, prioritising and addressing community concerns and aspirations. 

Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Councillor Derek Butler, said:

“The ambition is for Shotton to be a place people want to work, live and visit, where local residents have a sense of pride in the area where they live.

“This ambitious Plan has four overarching objectives which focus on: community resilience; the environment; prevention, education and enforcement; and infrastructure and investment.

“And there have already been some early successes, such as the funding secured to develop a local building, bringing it back into use as a healthy fast food shop, and the opening of a Covid-19 Hub, which is providing valuable support for local residents.”

To date, the work has been led by Flintshire County Council with input from North Wales Police and some other partner agency involvement. Moving forward over the next few months, the proposal is to plan the wider consultation and engagement of key stakeholders, including the local community, so that they can help shape the plans that will deliver the four overarching objectives for Shotton. 

Consultation and engagement activity will commence in 2022 and will be through a variety of platforms, both on and offline, with the aim of reaching as many interested parties as possible.