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Tesco Survey Scam

Published: 26/10/2021

SCAM.jpgFlintshire Trading Standards are warning residents of a scam that they have been made aware of that claims to have come from Tesco. 

The scam is an email that says ‘You have been selected to get an exclusive award’, the email is very convincing with the Tesco logo in red at the top, you are then asked to click on a button that says ‘Learn More’. After that you will be asked to give certain details and asked about you experience at your local shop. 

Finally there is the option to click on various attractive and expensive ‘free prizes’.  Once you do that you are asked to pay £1 and to put in your card or bank details. 

Do not respond to this email it is a scam, Tesco have confirmed that and it has no connection to Tesco.  It is a phishing scam to try and obtain personal and banking details.  If you receive such an email please delete it.