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Pet Policy

Published: 16/06/2014

A policy to encourage responsible pet ownership for tenants in council houses is expected to be approved at a Cabinet meeting this Tuesday (17 June). Flintshire County Council has developed this policy in order to balance the benefits of keeping pets with the principles of animal welfare and the Council’s commitment to tackling neighbour nuisance issues. Its aim is to provide a clear framework for customers, officers and elected members, so that a consistent approach to responsible pet ownership is applied across the county. The policy states that a maximum of two cats and two dogs can be kept depending on the size of the property and each application will be assessed on individual merits. Other animals are also addressed in the policy and tenants will not be allowed to keep livestock. The Council tenancy agreements already state that residents must get permission from the Council to keep pets and those who already have that permission will not be asked to apply. However current tenants who don’t have permission will be asked to provide details of any animals that they keep. New tenants coming into council properties will have to fill in an application form which will prompt them to give thought to a whole range of considerations with the aim of promoting the wellbeing of animals and reduce the likelihood of issues occurring. Decisions will continue to be made by the neighbourhood housing officers, with a right for tenants to request a review of any decision made. Councillor Helen Brown, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “Tenants in any rental property have always had to request permission to keep pets and the policy reinforces the Council’s position as a landlord. Problems start when there are too many for the size of the property or when they can’t be cared for properly. “This policy sets out specific guidelines for everyone to follow including council officers and will make the process of keeping pets much easier for tenants.” New tenants will be asked to read the following leaflet “Responsible Pet Ownership: A Guide for Flintshire County Council Tenants”. This is available from the Council by checking the website