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100th birthday celebrations!

Published: 23/06/2016

The Chairman of Flintshire County Council has helped two Flintshire residents celebrate a special birthday by visiting them both on Thursday 16 June. Mrs Gwen Prior was born on 7 June 1916 in Queensferry and her father studied at Eaton. Mrs. Prior worked in Courtaulds, then worked in John Summer during the war and her husband was aboard. She was married to Bob Prior who was in the airforce and worked abroad for many years. She has two children, Norma and Valerie, four grandchildren and a great-grandchild. She used to love knitting, she loves to read and in her younger days with her husband she loved to go out to the coast. Mrs Lily Hutchinson was born on 16 June 1916 in Buckley, one of five children, and she had a happy childhood living and playing with friends in “the trap”. She worked at the Courtaulds factory and met her husband, George Hutchinson at this time. They married in 1940 and had three children, George Phillip, Dennis and Malcolm. Sadly George Phillip died in infancy and Malcolm died in 2009. Dennis is the County Councillor for Buckley Pentrobin. She has five grandchildren and a total of ten great-grandchildren. Lily is a great loyalist and has been a big supporter of the Queen and the Queen mother all her life. The Chairman of Flintshire County Council, Cllr Peter Curtis, and his wife and Consort, Jenny, with Gwen Prior Left to Right: Mayor of Buckley, Cllr Andrew Williams, Mrs. Jeanne Hutchinson (Dennis’ wife), Mrs. Jennifer Curtis, Consort of FCC, Cllr. Peter Curtis, Chairman of FCC, Cllr. Dennis Hutchinson (kneeling next to Mrs. Lily Hutchinson) and Mrs. Joan Hutchinson (Malcolm’s wife).