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Communal heating charges 2021

Published: 07/07/2021

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet meets on 13 July when Members will be asked to approve changes to the current heating charges at council house properties with communal heating schemes.

Across Flintshire, there are eight communal heating schemes. The Council negotiates fuel costs in advance and tenants benefit from the Council’s Industrial and Commercial Contract rate. The Council initially pays for the fuel, and then collects it back from tenants, with the aim of breaking even at the end of each financial year. Heating charges for fuel consumption are based on the previous year’s usage.

The majority of tenants saw a reduction in their Communal Heating charges in 2020/21. Therefore, at the properties which have seen an increase in energy usage, this has resulted in a small deficit on the heating reserve. This will be recovered through the 2021/22 charges.

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Dave Hughes, said:

“Our energy efficiency work is helping to keep any necessary increases to a minimum.  I am pleased that we are able to offer a reduction in our heating charges for most of our tenants. 

“Across all of our communal properties an options appraisal is being completed to assess the condition and efficiency of these heating systems and a plan will be put in place for improvements and upgrades over the coming years.”

All changes will take effect from 31 August 2021.