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Covid Improvement Notice

Published: 19/04/2021

Keeping Flintshire safe.jpgOfficers from Flintshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service have served an Improvement Notice on Clive Barber’s, 78 Chester Road West, Shotton after the business had refused repeated requests to comply with guidance issued by Welsh Government.  The improvement notice states that the business must:

(a) Ensure that there is a distance of 2 metres between barbers and that there is also a distance of 2 metres between any customers waiting for their appointment.

(b) Ensure all staff whilst working wear a type II face covering and a full face clear visor or goggles.  All customers must also wear a face covering.

(c) Ensure staff carrying out facial hair removal such as beard trims or nasal hair removal wear a Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask, eye protection (goggles or full face visor) and disposable gloves and apron.

(d) Have measures for controlling entry to the premises and limiting the number of customers who are on the premises at any one time.  

(e) Display signs and other visual aids to remind customers to maintain a distance of 2 metres between each other and to wear a face covering

Andrew Farrow, Flintshire’s Chief Officer for Planning, Environment and Economy said:

“Despite efforts by both the Council’s Trading Standards service and Track and Trace officers, this business has refused to comply with Welsh Government guidance for barbers and hairdressers.  By refusing to wear the required protective clothing they are putting both themselves and their customers at risk of catching the disease and then going on to spread it further.  

“Infection rates in Flintshire are currently very low but if businesses refuse to follow Welsh Guidance there is still a very real risk of infection rates rising quickly.  Officers will serve Improvement Notices on those businesses who refuse to comply and, if they still refuse to follow the guidelines, officers will have no option but to then serve a closure notice.”

Officer’s from the Council’s Community and Business Protection Service will continue to patrol and monitor compliance with both the current regulations and Welsh Government guidance.  If any business is unsure what is required by them to comply with the regulations and guidance, advice is available from Flintshire County Council Community and Business Protection by either phoning 01352 703399 or emailing