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Education and Youth annual assessment

Published: 14/04/2021

Flintshire CC • CMYK.jpgFlintshire County Council’s Cabinet members will be asked to note the Education and Youth self-evaluation assessment and also Estyn’s positive thematic report on the work of education services in Flintshire to support children and young people during the pandemic.

Flintshire undertakes an annual self-evaluation of its education services. Normally it is written against the framework published by Estyn but, as this framework was suspended as a result of Covid-19, this report is presented in a different format with each service area focusing on its work over the last twelve months and how it has responded and adapted to the ongoing health emergency.

The last twelve months have been unique and posed unprecedented challenges for the Council, particularly in relation to its delivery of Education services. 

Estyn’s feedback report is based on virtual meetings with Education Officers, the Cabinet Lead Member for Education, the Chair of the Education & Youth Scrutiny Committee and a sample of headteachers in schools and pupil referral units (PRUs) and outlines the swift and effective response of the Council to support children and schools from the outset of the pandemic.

It particularly acknowledges the strong leadership from the Council’s Emergency Response Team and the Education Portfolio. It highlights the strength of the shared collaborative approach across the Council and with external partners e.g. GwE, to effectively adapt services to meet the needs of children, young people and their families during the national emergency.

It also notes the thorough review of the Council’s response through the work of the Education, Youth and Culture Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The report is very positive and does not identify any recommendations for further improvement.