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Dee Wildfowlers

Published: 23/05/2014

Nearly 100 bags of rubbish have been collected as part of a clean-up campaign. Thirty five volunteers from the Dee Wildfowlers group gathered the debris from land near the new Dee Bridge in Flintshire. Organised by Alex Williams from the Dee Wildfowlers and supported by coastal ranger Mike Taylor; two trailers were filled with waste collected mainly from the foreshore and verges. The rubbish was mainly plastic washed up by the big winter tides but also included the remains of a caravan, scrap iron and old car tyres. Alex Williams from the Dee Wildfowlers said: “This was the third major clean up of the area over the past 12 months and many tonnes of rubbish spread over approximately one square kilometre have now been cleared. Visitors to the area would now be hard pressed to find any litter at all. The area is now a fine and clean habitat of grassland and forest for plants and animals to flourish.” “It is great to think that similar activities are taking place all over the Dee Estuary during the Keep Wales Tidy Week; making the whole estuary a clean and pleasant land.” Councillor Bernie Attridge, Cabinet Member for Environment said: “It’s great to see people volunteering to help the local area. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who gives their time to benefit visitors and to help the environment.” Photo caption: Volunteers from the Dee Wildfowlers with rubbish collected near the new Dee Bridge.