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Burglary warning

Published: 20/05/2014

Flintshire Trading Standards and North Wales Police are raising awareness around recent burglaries in Flintshire. Police investigations have identified some areas that have been visited by cold callers prior to burglaries occurring and they believe there may be a connection between the cold calling incidents and the burglaries. The Flintshire Doorstep Crime Reduction group are currently raising awareness of the risks of dealing with cold callers and advising how to make sure residents’ home and valuables are safe. The group are led by Flintshire Trading Standards and members include North Wales Police, Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch, Flintshire Neighbourhood Wardens and Age Connects among other organisations. Flintshire Trading Standards officer Yolande Blower who chairs the group said: “Cold callers are often well practised at what they do; they have their sales pitch, answers to your questions and excuses all planned in advance. They will provide many reasons to gain your confidence to get access to inside your home and the actual reason might be to see what valuables you might have or where you keep your car keys and other valuables. “The Doorstep Crime Reduction group is committed to improving community safety and we are asking residents to promote a positive community spirit, to support your neighbours especially those who are vulnerable. We are advising all residents to say no to cold callers and report any suspicions to either North Wales Police or Trading Standards.” Residents are being given the following advice to say no to cold callers: • Never allow a stranger into your home • If you have a spy hole or chain on your door, use them when answering the door. • Display a no cold calling sticker – it deters cold callers To request a no cold calling sticker call Flintshire trading standards on 01352 703181. Police are asking residents to call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800555111 if they see anything suspicious and 999 if they feel someone is trying to get into a house. If you have been the victim of a crime, whether or not you have reported it to the police, you can contact Victim Support in Wales on 0845 6 121 900 for free, confidential help.