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Fake Viagra Seized in Flintshire

Published: 14/07/2015

Flintshire County Council Trading Standards officers whilst undertaking a visit to a trader. have found fake Viagra on sale. Enquiries have revealed that seizures in other areas have proven the product to be dangerous and that it contained: * blue printer ink * amphetamines, also known as “speed” * Metronidazole, a powerful antibiotic that could cause an allergic reaction, diarrhoea or vomiting * too much active ingredient (or not enough), which may cause you harm * binding agents, such as drywall, that prevent the tablet from breaking down in your system Guidance from the medical fraternity has indicated that Viagra should only be obtained by prescription and with the approval of a Doctor. Enquiries in Flintshire will continue in relation to the supply chain and safety of this product. Councillor Kevin Jones Cabinet member for Public Protection said: “It is alarming that fake drugs of any sort appear to be on the market in Flintshire. We would advise consumers that they should only obtain medicines from their Doctor or Pharmacist and that these should be taken under strict guidelines. Anyone who has suspicions about items of this sort being offered for sale should contact Trading Standards on 03454 040506”