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Free workshops for older drivers

Published: 22/06/2015

Senior drivers in Flintshire have an opportunity to build their driving skills and confidence further by taking part in a free driving workshop on Tuesday 30 June 2015 at Connahs Quay Library. Flintshire County Councils Road Safety Unit is offering a free driving session to residents 65 and over, for those who may need some support with building confidence in their driving. Driving experience is extremely important and research shows some older drivers do avoid situations where they know they feel anxious- these may include night time driving, busy towns, fast roads and bad weather, but avoiding these all the time is not always possible, especially on rural roads. Flintshire’s over 65s FREE driving session is a way that senior drivers can improve their driving skills, and it is not about taking your licence off you. The Wales Mobility and Driving Assessment Service instructors provide handy tips on how to adapt your driving style as you get older, helping to keep you and other road users safe, and to keep people behind the wheel for longer. Councillor Bernie Attridge, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “I would encourage our residents over the age of 65 to take up this opportunity for a free driving session. As we get older, we may experience changes which can affect how we drive. These include the possibility of reaction times getting slower, making decisions can take longer, and driving can be more tiring and stressful. Some drivers notice these changes as early as their mid-fifties. As they get older, most people can carry on driving safely and without problems, but this is easier to do with some help from a driving professional.” To book, or to find out more, please contact the Road Safety Unit, on 01352 704498.