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Gwanwyn Festival 2015

Published: 17/06/2015

Over 50s carers in Flintshire recently displayed and publically performed poems, prose and watercolour paintings they had created on the theme of ‘Journeys’. The poetry and prose was developed during a series of four creative writing workshops at Mold Library, which took place as part of the Gwanwyn Festival. The workshops were led by poet, community worker, and film maker, Suzanne Iuppa. The carers, and members of the North East Wales Carers Information Service (NEWCIS) who hosted the project, created a range of sensitive and insightful pieces that reflected journeys of discovery that transformed their lives and changed their perspective on the world. Suzanne Iuppa said: “I think our society is realising more and more how much our elders have to contribute in knowledge, experience, and brave examples of fortitude, especially in times of change. But Id like to thank Flintshire County Council, North East Wales Carers Information Service, Keen and Kelley Solicitors, Mold and The Gwanwyn Festival for supporting time to help this isolated group of individuals come together, and remember this. In the words of one carer in his 80s on finishing the course—“You woke me up.” Councillor Chris Bithell, Cabinet Member for Education, said: The Gwanwyn festival is a wonderful opportunity to give support to the countys carers, and to encourage a creative outlet for them. Funding and support for this project has been provided by The Gwanwyn Festival which is part of Age Concern, the Arts, Culture and Events Section of Flintshire County Council, and Keene and Kelly Solicitors. The project was developed and managed by the Arts, Culture and Events Section of Flintshire County Council. Images Photo: 1. The group of performing poets at the event Photo: 2. Chair of Flintshire Council, Ray Hughes with NEWCIS trustee Diane Weed