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Play areas match funding scheme to continue in 2015/16

Published: 13/05/2015

Flintshire County Council’s match funding programme to upgrade children’s playgrounds is set to continue for another year, the Council’s Cabinet will hear on Tuesday (19 May). Since 2010, the local authority has worked in partnership with town and community councils to successfully deliver a match funding programme which has resulted in over £1million being invested for improvements to the counties play facilities. The aim of the approach is to improve those sites most in need, taking into account of the local child population and the condition of the playground. In 2015/16, a total of £105,000 will be made available on the same basis as previous years, with each town and community council invited to express an interest in participating in the scheme, and County Council funding being directed at areas in need. A maximum match funding contribution of £10,000 will be available per scheme. Cabinet will also be asked to approve a Play Area Community Grant from 2016/17 onwards. The grant scheme will replace the current match funding scheme, with a primary focus on supporting play areas that are transferred to communities. Any unallocated funds from the grant scheme will then be made available on a match funding basis, with the match funding being made available to town and community councils or community groups where the fixed play facility has transferred out of local authority control; or to improve those play areas that are retained by the Council and agreed as a priority for retaining. Councillor Kevin Jones, Cabinet Member for Waste Strategy, Public Protection and Leisure, said: “I am pleased that we are able to continue with the match funding programme for this financial year. In the longer term, the Council is committed to working with town and community councils to sustain our local services and facilities, including local playgrounds, and we are encouraged by the response we have already received from them to our Community Asset Transfer scheme.”