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Published: 17/04/2015

The Councils Cabinet is to consider the introduction of webcasting meetings of the County Council and Planning and Development Control Committee at its meeting on Tuesday, 21 April, following a successful trial of the technology. One of the main benefits of webcasting is that it allows meetings to be viewed by more people than can be physically accommodated in the meeting room and for meetings to be viewed at a time convenient to individual members of the public. Cllr. Aaron Shotton, Leader of the Council said, Webcasting of Council meetings has been introduced successfully to many Councils across the United Kingdom and I am delighted that this Council too now has the opportunity to realise the benefits of webcasting in terms of public engagement and transparency. This technology offers another channel for the public to engage more closely with the democratic process and for the business of local government to be made more transparent. It will also mean the views, actions and positions taken by local Councillors can be more closely scrutinised by the public.