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Energy buying scheme - deadline extension

Published: 18/03/2015

Flintshire residents now have until Sunday 22 March to sign up to a Wales-wide collective energy buying scheme, which should enable them to save money on their fuel bills. Wales Together/ Cyd Cymru is a Welsh Government funded energy switching project. Collective energy switching is where a large number of households come together to buy their energy, and by doing so Wales Together/ Cyd Cymru can negotiate better deals. Following the original deadline of the scheme (which was 1 March), Cyd Cymru / Wales Together and energyhelpline have secured exclusive Dual Fuel (Gas and Electricity) Tariffs that can save an average UK home £429 a year. They have also secured a range of other exclusive energy tariffs for electric only, economy 7 customers, pre-payment meters and more. Switching is simple but you can only get these exclusive tariffs by registering for Cyd Cymru / Wales Together. Councillor Bernie Attridge, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “You can be part of this collective energy switch by visiting or calling the contact centre on 0800 093 5902. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm. Try to have a recent energy bill to hand (gas, electricity or both) to help answer some of the questions. When you register with Cyd Cymru there is no cost or obligation to switch, but you will be able to see how much you could save – and you will have until Sunday 22 March to decided whether you want to switch or not.” Cyd Cymru / Wales Together collective energy switch: is free to register is free to switch, if you choose to is available to everyone who lives in Wales is available to all households regardless of income or property type who pay their energy bill directly to an energy company is available to pre-payment meter customers who may be able to switch even if there is money owing to an existing energy supplier will show you how much you could save on the new energy tariff offers and all other market tariffs before you decide to switch allows you to benefit from one of our specially negotiated unique tariffs. * Saving calculated against an average bill of £1,305 as calculated by Ofgem February 2015. All calculations are for an average usage dual fuel household paying by monthly direct debit. Average usage as defined by OFGEM is 13,500 kWh pa of gas and 3,200 kWh pa of standard electricity **The winning tariffs cost £876 a year for gas and standard electricity at average usage paying by monthly direct debit. The last time a tariff was so cheap was in November 2010. Average usage for a UK home is defined by OFGEM as 13,500kWh pa of gas and 3,200 kWh pa of standard electricity.