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Local Development Plan

Published: 04/03/2015

A six week consultation period on documents relating to the Council’s Local Development Plan (LDP) is due to begin on Monday 9 March, and end on Monday 20 April 2015. As part of the preparation of the LDP, the Council has released a number of key documents – the Candidate Sites Register, the Candidate Sites Assessment Methodology Background Paper and Topic Papers covering a variety of issues. This represents the beginning of a period of work where the Council will engage with and consult the public and key stakeholders in order to inform the identification of issues to be faced by the Plan, a vision and objectives setting out what the Plan is seeking to achieve, and a range of options to be considered in terms of the level of growth and the distribution of that growth. Members of the public will be consulted on the Candidate Sites Assessment Methodology Background Paper and Topic Papers. This work will lead to the publication of and consultation upon a draft pre-deposit LDP which will contain the preferred strategy for the Plan as well as key policies and strategic site specific proposals. The documents released are: i) Candidate Sites Register The Council is publishing a Candidate Sites Register following the Call for Candidate Sites undertaken in 2014. The Register contains 734 sites which have been submitted by developers, landowners or other interested parties to be considered by the Council either to be earmarked for development or to be protected from development. The publication of the Register does not imply that the sites will be included in the Plan, merely that they have been put forward for the Council to assess. The Register is being made available for information only and is not the subject of formal public consultation. The Council is therefore not inviting comments on the sites. ii) Candidate Site Assessment Methodology Background Paper To accompany the Register of Candidate Sites, the Council is publishing for consultation a Background Paper setting out how the Candidate Sites will be assessed. This will be subject of a 6 week consultation exercise as the Council is keen to ensure that there is broad consensus about how Candidate Sites are to be assessed. iii) Topic Papers A series of 18 Topic Papers have been prepared covering a variety of issues. Each Topic Paper identifies issues to be addressed in preparing the LDP as well as setting out national planning guidance on that topic. These Topic Papers are also the subject of 6 week consultation exercise in order to secure the views of the public and key stakeholders as to how various topics and related issues should be addressed through the preparation of the Plan. All documents are available on the Council’s website and in hard copy at Council Offices and libraries. Comments should be forwarded to