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School’s walking bus proves popular

Published: 03/03/2015

Flintshire County Council’s Road Safety Unit has been helping pupils at Queensferry CP School to get to school safely. In an effort to ease traffic congestion and improve road safety, the Unit has helped the school to set up a ‘Walking Bus’, which provides a regular way for young children to enjoy walking to school. Mrs Cathryn Lloyd, Headteacher of Queensferry CP School said: The Walking Bus is a great success. Miss Emma Westwood and Mrs Louise Salmon have been operating it since October 2014 along with parent volunteer Ms Anita White. The number of children has slowly risen as it is a fun, active way for children to travel to school and supports parents/carers. We have also noticed an improvement in our attendance figures with the children arriving at school ready to learn at the start of the day.” Councillor Chris Bithell, Cabinet Member for Education, who joined the children on the Walking Bus said: ”It was wonderful to be a part of the Walking Bus and to see first-hand the benefits it brings to school children. It is an ideal alternative to the school run in the car and it fits perfectly with our aim to reduce road traffic, congestion and provide safe walking routes. It also provides the children with suitable exercise which is important for ensuring healthy lives. I would encourage all schools to have one. Councillor Bernie Attridge, Cabinet Member for Environment and Deputy Leader of Flintshire County Council, said: “At Flintshire we think the Walking Bus deserves our support because it is so beneficial in so many ways; not only does it take pressure off parents in the morning, but it also provides children with a healthy, educational and environmentally sound way of getting to school each day.” About the walking school bus The co-ordinator will ensure that on each bus there will be a minimum of two adult helpers, one at the front (the ‘driver’) and one at the rear (the conductor). Plus there will be one helper for every five children, who walk along an agreed route, collecting all children waiting at designated ‘bus stops’ and walking them to school. After school, they walk back along the same route. The Road Safety Unit is promoting and encouraging all primary schools to consider arranging a Walking Bus within their school. Please contact Flintshire Road Safety Unit on 01352 704529 if you are interested. Caption Pictured using the Walking Bus are school pupils and their helpers from Queensferry County Primary School, along with Councillor Chris Bithell.