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Superfast Broadband Wales

Published: 19/09/2014

The positive impact of Welsh Government’s new superfast internet programme and the opportunities it will bring for local businesses will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday (16 September). Welsh Government is offering a programme of support for Flintshire businesses that aims to promote understanding of the wider economic opportunities of the new superfast technologies. The programme will also encourage the adoption of new systems and processes that will be made available by the new internet connection. A total of £425m is being invested in Wales to extend the Next Generation Broadband (NGB) infrastructure or ‘superfast connectivity’ through the BT contracted programme ‘Superfast Cymru’. The support programme will be funded by Welsh Government and delivered in partnership with Flintshire County Council alongside local business support providers. It will look at how local businesses can benefit commercially from the new infrastructure by: • Improved business security • Supply chain simplification and innovation • Increased workforce flexibility and improved skills and education of workforce • Increased tele-presence • Access to new markets and sales opportunities • Improved customer service and customer experience Councillor Derek Butler, Cabinet Member for Economic Development said: “Welsh Government is offering free support on how your business can benefit from the new superfast internet service. I’d urge every business owner to take a look at the opportunities this connectivity will bring and consider any improvements. “Boosting the economy was one of the top priorities for Welsh Government when they launched this programme and the Council wants everyone in the area to look at what the superfast service can offer their business.”