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Flint Community Poll

Published: 10/09/2014

A community poll called by the residents of Flint to ask whether or not NHS inpatient community beds should be reinstated in Flint has been set for Thursday 2 October 2014. All the usual polling stations in Flint will be open from 4pm to 9pm on the day. Unlike for full elections, voters will not receive a polling card and postal votes and proxy votes will not apply. Voters should go to their nearest polling station on the day where they will be given instructions on how to vote. The full list of polling stations is set out below:- · Town Hall, Flint · Community Room, Castle Heights, Flint · St. John’s United Reformed Church Schoolroom, Flint · Cilfan Community Hall, Cornist, Flint · Neuadd, Maes-y-Coed, Woodfield Avenue, Flint · Oakenholt Bowling Club, Croes Atti Lane, Flint · Flint High School, Mount Pleasant, Flint · C. P. School, Flint Mountain, Flint The count will be held at Flint Town Hall from 9.00 p.m. on the day. The votes will be counted by the Returning Officer’s staff in the presence of the proposer of the question, if they choose to attend, and any other person that the Returning Officer chooses to invite. Colin Everett, Returning Officer said: “This is the first Community Poll we have run in Flintshire. It is not run in the same as a full election or by-election. The cost of this Community Poll to the Town Council will be approximately £3,000 and we are aiming to reduce this cost through officials waiving their fees and voluntary effort.” More details on how to take part will be made available on the Councils website.