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Self financing for housing services

Published: 02/09/2014

Flintshire County Council has welcomed Welsh Government proposals to introduce self financing for council housing services from April 2015. Promises to provide every Flintshire tenant with an improved home by 2020 can be met as the Council is set to benefit from an extra £1million per year for housing services. In addition, work will be able to start to build much needed new council homes across the County. Our improved performance and influence as a social housing provider means Flintshire Council has been in a position to support the Welsh Government in negotiating an agreement with 11 other Welsh councils who were still part of the old Housing Revenue Account subsidy system. Leader of Flintshire Council, Councillor Aaron Shotton said: “I am proud to have been involved in negotiations to bring these proposals forward. The Housing Revenue Account system took rents paid by tenants and paid the money into the UK treasury resulting in less to invest in Flintshire’s council housing stock. “The elimination of this system and the creation of self financing means the 11 Welsh councils, including Flintshire, will be able to retain all rents received, providing us with greater financial freedom to improve and build more homes. “I am delighted to be able to confirm to Flintshire Council tenants that all the commitments we have made to improve homes will be delivered. The Council may face significant challenges with its overall budget but this does not apply to the council housing service where every pound of tenants’ rents can only be used to deliver services to council tenants.” Councillor Helen Brown, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “This is great news for tenants who will see their homes improved to meet Welsh Housing Quality Standards over the coming years. After 25 years, we also have the chance to start building new council houses again which is fantastic for local residents.”