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GCSE Results 2014

Published: 22/08/2014

GCSE students across Flintshire will be in the mood to celebrate today, as good public examination results are again being reported in the County’s schools. The total percentage of GCSE (A*-G) passes for Wales this year is 98.5%, which is 0.2% lower than last year. With the results in from the Welsh Examining Board (WJEC), the pass rate for students in Flintshire stands at 99.5%, a slight decrease of 0.1% on the record results at this stage in 2013. Grades A*-C achieved in Wales as a whole are higher than last year, up 0.9% from 65.7% in 2013 to 66.6% in 2014. Higher Grade (A* - C) passes across Flintshire stand at 68.2% of all full course examinations taken with the Welsh Board. This is 1.6% higher than for the whole of Wales but down on the record 2013 figure of 72.5%. The proportion of A and A* grades achieved by Flintshire students with the Welsh Board in 2014 is 17.2%, whereas in 2013 Flintshire enjoyed another record year at 20.0%. Across Wales as a whole this figure has risen from 19.2% in 2013 to 19.4% in 2014. The total number of subject entries by Flintshire students with the Welsh Board in the summer exams is 5.5% lower than last year. Many Flintshire students now take examinations early in the year rather than always in the summer period. Results in Flintshire should be further improved when those candidates who took examinations early are added to results from the summer period alone. Whilst the majority of subject entries are with the Welsh Board, those made with examining boards in England have resulted in an increase in the pass rate across the county in recent years. Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Chris Bithell said: “On behalf of Flintshire County Council, I would like to congratulate all our pupils on their G.C.S.E. results. Once again our pupils have performed well and achieved high standards in their external examinations. I would also like to express our thanks to all the staff in schools who have worked so hard to enable their students success and to all the parents and carers who have provided support and encouragement to their children. I hope that these results will enable the students to proceed to post-16 education courses or to find suitable employment. Whatever course they follow, we wish them every success.” Chief Officer Education and Youth, Ian Budd, added: “The Council is pleased to offer its congratulations to the students, teachers, parents and carers of Flintshire for these good GCSE results. They are a result of the commitment and hard work of our students. Our young people can move forward with confidence into Further Education in Flintshire. The Council congratulates all our students upon their success”. NOTE TO EDITORS At the time of this release, the information given is based on WJEC Board information only. We await details from schools regarding the overall picture. Once this other data, including that from exam boards based in England and examinations entered early by Flintshire students has been processed, which is not available centrally to Welsh LEAs, a clearer picture will emerge. It is important to note that a statistically relevant proportion of Flintshire’s GCSE entries are through the England boards.