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Social Services Annual Performance Report

Published: 15/07/2014

An annual report assessing the performance of Social Services across Flintshire will be considered at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday (15 July) and councillors should also agree on the priority targets to address for 2014-15. This year’s report highlights outstanding parts of the service including the successful support of families through Flying Start and the Integrated Family Support Service; supporting people to live independently in the community by using more flexible and creative responses and delivering good outcomes for people with mental illness winning a Social Care Accolade in 2013. Flintshire supports an increasing number of looked after children with a strong, consistent, and stable fostering service; provides effective safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and forges good working partnerships with other authorities and agencies including setting up a co-located team with health at Holywell and the Extra Care schemes. Other schemes that offer innovative solutions are the Living Well service which provides flexible support to people with dementia, integrated working with health through the Crisis Intervention Team and securing agreement to develop a design-based social enterprise. Looking to the future priorities, the service has strong leadership driving forward the modernisation of social care in the county which will aim to ensure services match residents’ needs and aim to offer more integrated services particularly with health. Systems will be further developed to ensure people using Social Services have a voice in the decision making process around their care and to gain a more comprehensive understanding of people’s experiences of the service. Councillor Christine Jones, Cabinet Member for Social Services said: “The Council has successfully achieved within the context of some real challenges, including an increasing number of vulnerable children, young people and adults with complex care needs requiring support. With people at the heart of our service we are committed to giving residents the best care possible that meets the needs of anyone across the county who might need to use the services and we will strive to set targets for improvements every year.”