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North Wales Growth Deal update

Published: 14/12/2017

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet will receive a progress report on the North Wales Growth Deal at their next meeting on Tuesday 19 December. The Growth Deal, which proposes investment of £1.3bn in 12 projects supported by Growth Bid funds of £383.4m, was formally received by the UK Government and Welsh Government last month. The six North Wales Councils believe that this deal will transform the North Wales economy, making it smart, resilient and connected. The Growth Bid will sit alongside separate and related programmes to improve road, rail and digital connectivity funded from UK and Welsh Government Capital Programmes. The Growth Bid is set to create over 5,000 jobs directly, increase the rate of business start-ups and the growth of small and medium sized enterprises, support innovation in energy and advanced manufacturing, reduce worklessness and, taken together with other programmes and the Wylfa Newydd development, increase GDP from £12.8bn in 2015 to £20bn in 2035. Councillor Aaron Shotton, Chair of the North Wales Leaders Group for Economic Growth and Leader of Flintshire County Council, said: “The North Wales County Councils are proud to have submitted a growth bid for North Wales. The region is unified in recognising the need to transform the way the region’s economy is structured, so that we can increase prosperity and ensure that future employment opportunities are accessible to all across North Wales. The Growth Bid is an essential tool to make our economy, smarter, more resilient and better connected. The six Council Leaders look forward to working with the UK and Welsh Governments, as we strive to negotiate a deal that will deliver upon our vision for a more inclusive and prosperous North Wales economy.” Flintshire County Council’s Chief Executive, Colin Everett, said: The Growth Deal will open up considerable government investment and opportunity for business growth. One of the motivations for me has been the sense of injustice, that North Wales has had such poor investment in road and rail infrastructure, for example. The urgency in the Wales Office and Welsh Government to deliver on the growth bid is really palpable. All parties want to have the Bid negotiated and agreed within 2018 so that the investment flows.”