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Residents’ parking schemes

Published: 22/09/2017

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet is to consider a revised Residents’ Parking Scheme Policy at its meeting on Tuesday, 26 September. Flintshire County Council adopted a Residents’ Parking Scheme in 2013 to assist those living in properties without adequate off street parking who have problems parking outside their properties due to businesses or visitors using free on street parking areas to avoid car parking charges. The policy sets out the principles for the establishment of Residents’ Parking Scheme that would enhance the environment in residential areas and improve on-street parking for residents, traffic management and road safety whilst avoiding the creation of potential problems in other areas and reducing the level of on-street parking for visitors and businesses Currently there is no criteria for prioritising Residents’ Parking Schemes or limiting how many schemes can be considered in a financial year and the report recommends a process for prioritising schemes and limiting the number of schemes progressed within each financial year. Initial principles are that there should be clear evidence of residents’ support for a scheme in advance of any details of the scheme being prepared with at least 50% of properties in any proposed area to have no off-street parking. However, Residents’ Parking Schemes would not be introduced where the majority of residents have off-street parking or where there is insufficient on-street space to accommodate both residential and non-residential parking. Councillor Carolyn Thomas, Cabinet Member for Streetscene, said; “Residents’ Parking Schemes provide potential solutions in situations where it is not practical to manage parking problems through conventional parking restrictions and to make town centres and fringe areas more attractive. “Schemes should not create unacceptable problems on adjacent roads and the introduction of such schemes where parking spaces are severely limited shall not affect the commercial viability of the area. Any scheme should form part of a wider integrated traffic and parking management scheme.”