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Published: 22/09/2017

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to accept the Annual Improvement Plan for 2016/17 from the Wales Audit Office. This is the seventh Annual Improvement Report for Flintshire and it confirms Flintshires continued progress as a well governed and high performing Council, stating: “The Council is meeting its statutory requirements in relation to continuous improvement”. The absence of any new recommendations shows that the regulatory body has full confidence in the Council and its ability. The WAO carried out three reviews of the Council, namely: · Corporate Assessment follow-up; · Good Governance review; and · Effectiveness of the Council’s efficiency savings programme. Flintshire County Council has made good overall progress in delivering its improvement priorities and shows strong performance across a number of service areas. Welcoming the report, Cllr Aaron Shotton, Leader of the Council, said: “This latest report by the Councils external auditors highlights how well Flintshire County Council continues to perform. The WAO has set no new statutory improvements and has recommended four voluntary proposals for improvement which we are looking at closely. Despite the intense financial pressures, Flintshire is continuing to deliver on its priorities: housing, social care, education and the economy. Flintshire’s Chief Executive, Colin Everett, said: “The report from our main regulator underlines our good governance and shows what a well-run council Flintshire is. Our communities should be reassured by the Wales Audit Offices confidence in us.