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The Flintshire Local Development Plan Preferred Strategy

Published: 22/09/2017

The Flintshire Local Development Plan (LDP) has reached a milestone stage in its development following a focus on the initial engagement and participation stages of plan preparation as set out by Welsh Government LDP Regulations. This work has been brought together to form the Preferred Strategy for the LDP. Prior to this, the Council has carried out a number of consultation and engagement processes relating to the Key Messages of the Plan and the Strategic Options, complemented by significant community engagement. The LDP provides the framework Flintshire for land use planning in the county up to the year 2030. It will shape Flintshire’s future physically and environmentally, and influence it economically and socially responding to the needs of a growing population and regionally important economy, but it must do this in a way that ensures that the well-being of its communities is maintained and the impacts of the development and use of land are managed sustainably. Councillor Chris Bithell, Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Planning, said; “The Preferred Strategy represents the transition between the previous informal engagement and consultation stages and the more formal consultation stages in progressing the Plan towards adoption. “The Council has invested a considerable amount of time and resources in engaging with a wide range of stakeholders as the LDP has progressed to provide the Flintshire framework for land use planning as the process of securing consensus will enable the Preferred Strategy to be presented for consultation with confidence. “Once finished it will provide a comprehensive guide to planning opportunities in the county and will seek to ensure sustainable development.” Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to approve the final draft of the LDP Preferred Strategy at its meeting on Tuesday, 26 September with a view to it being published for formal public consultation. Further information about the Flintshire LDP is available on the Council’s website: