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Flintshire Focus on Trees

Published: 30/09/2022

Flintshire County Council’s website has an interactive mapping page which shows the trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders and also where the county’s Conservation Areas are that afford protection to trees.tree.jpg

This allows arboricultural contractors, tree owners and members of the public to find out which trees are protected by the Local Planning Authority. Copies of Tree Preservation Orders can also be downloaded from the website.  The web pages also contain supporting information about tree care and maintenance. 

In its capacity as the Highways Authority, the council has been surveying mature ash trees along principal roads to ascertain any decline caused by ash dieback. The disease has been present in the county since at least 2015 and has led to the decline and death of thousands of trees.  This survey has identified trees that a significant risk and could fall onto the public highway. The owners of these trees are being formally advised to take steps to deal with them.

During this autumn and winter, the Council will be serving legal notices under the Highways Act requiring landowners to deal with unsafe trees. As a last resort, where an owner fails to deal with the danger, the Council is planning to undertake the tree works and recharge for the costs it has incurred.  The message to landowners is that the council will not manage your tree, it is your responsibility.

The Council will also be carrying out tree surveys on its own land and managing the removal of diseased ash trees according to the level of risk they present.

More information about ash dieback and how the Council is dealing with the risks the disease represents can be found on the Council’s website.

Wepre Park will host Wonderful Woods Tree and Orchard day Sunday 9 October, 11am – 3pm.  Join the rangers and conservation team for all things tree related. Woodland and orchard management, grafting demonstrations, apple pressing and much more. Fun for all the family, you can book your walk and talks at Eventbrite.