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Single Person Discount Review

Published: 17/08/2017

Council Tax payers in Flintshire who receive a 25 per cent reduction on their bill as single occupancy residents will soon be checked to make sure the reductions are correct. This is a regular exercise, with a similar review last carried out during 2014. Datatank Ltd, a leading service provider who specialise in these reviews, will be working with the Council to confirm the discount for genuine claimants and to identify people who are claiming a discount on their Council Tax when they are not entitled to it. Where incorrect claims are identified the Council will be ending the claims and seeking to reclaim the discount from an appropriate date. At present, over 21,600 residents – nearly one in three households – claim the single person discount and while the vast majority of these residents are claiming the discount correctly, there may be cases where the Council have not been informed about a change in household occupancy, which affects the reduction, or a false claim has deliberately been made. Any taxpayers currently receiving a discount that they feel may not be correct are urged to contact the Council Tax service straight away on (01352) 704848 before the full review begins in late August.