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Insurance Claims

If you believe that we have failed in our duty of care, we have insurance in place to indemnify ourselves.

Certificates of our insurance can be viewed at the reception area of all Flintshire buildings, our Public Liability insurance is currently provided by Zurich Municipal Insurance.

Individuals wanting to make an insurance claim can download the insurance claim form and submit it along with as much information as possible to assist with their claim to the insurance team at

If a paper copy of the form is required, this can be requested during working hours to the insurance team on 01352 702242, 01352 702256 or 01352 702260 or by email to 

Solicitors and insurance companies should use the portal information below for making any insurance claims.

For Employers Liability and Public Liability claims, the Insurer is:

  • Zurich Municipal
  • Policy number: QLA04U011-0023
  • Portal compensator ID: C00650 – Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

If your claim is out of scope for a portal claim, our Insurers postal address is 

Zurich Municipal,

Birmingham Commercial Direct Casualty Claims,

PO Box 3313,