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Hate Crime

A hate crime is where an individual is targeted because of their identity or perceived difference.  It could be an act of violence or hostility or discrimination.  Victims may have been bullied harassed or abused.  This can happen in public or in the workplace.

Hate crime destroys lives and isolates vulnerable individuals and communities.  We know it is happening but it remains under reported. Left unreported, offenders are free to continue committing this crime.  We want this to change.  We want everyone to encourage and support people to talk about hate crime and most importantly REPORT IT.

So how can you support National Hate Crime Awareness Week? Help us to get the message across by:

  • Downloading our posters and displaying them in your local pub, club, shop, workplace and anywhere else you can think of.
  • If anyone tells you that they have been a victim, listen to their story and encourage them to report it.
  • If you witness it, report it…You don’t have to be a victim to make a report.
  • Look out for Facebook and Twitter messages throughout the week from the @FlintshireCC.

What is Hate Crime?

A Hate Crime is any Hate Incident (see below) which constitutes a criminal offence and is perceived by the victim, or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

A Hate Incident is any incident (regardless of whether it constitutes a criminal offence) perceived by the victim, or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.  All hate incidents should be reported so that the community safety partnership can use the information to identify trouble spots and prevent the problem getting worse.

By tackling this type of crime together we hope to make Flintshire a safer place to live.

Reporting Hate Crime

Hate Crime should be reported by calling North Wales Police on 101 (999 in the case of an emergency) or by submitting a Hate Crime Reporting Form to North Wales Police.  Hate crimes can also be reported directly to Victim Support, who have been funded by the Welsh Government to increase the reporting of hate crimes and hate incidents across Wales.  Visit the Victim Support website and complete their confidential reporting form.  Alternatively, you can call Victim Support’s free 24 hour helpline on 0300 30 31 982.