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Hawarden Assets

Community Centre

P/CC/0023 Ewloe: Community Centre

Chapel of Rest

P/CEM/A/0009 Hawarden: Cemetery Plot A - Chapel of Rest


P/CEM/B/0008 Hawarden: Cemetery

Youth Centres

P/YC/0010 Mancot: Youth Centre 


P/ALL0017 Hawarden: Aston Hall Lane - Allotments

Play Areas

P/PA/0054 Ewloe: Yowley Road Play Area

P/PA/0055 Ewloe: Play Area at Circular Drive

P/PA/0056 Ewloe: Carlines Avenue Play Area

P/PA/0078 Hawarden: Playground, The Highway, Opp Hawarden High School

P/PA/0079 Hawarden: Level Road Play Area

P/PA/0080 Hawarden: Wilde Close Play Area

P/PA/0089 Mancot: Mancot Lane Playground

P/PA/0145 Hawarden: Play Area at Little Roodee

P/PA/0052 Aston: Play Area at Aston Park Road

Playing Fields

P/PF/0016 Ewloe: Yowley Road Playing field

P/PF/0020 Mancot: Mancot Lane Playing Fields

Bowling Greens/Clubs

P/BGC/0016 Mancot: Bowling Club

P/PGC/0012 Aston: Bowling Club

* Please note that any assets highlighted in BOLD are subject to a lease and therefore only available to the existing tenant at this time.