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Flint Assets


P/CEM/B/0006 Flint: Cemetery - Northop Road

P/CEM/B/0007 Flint: Cemetery - Old London Road


P/ALL/0004 Flint: Maes Afon Allotments

P/ALL/0005 Flint: The Meadows/Swinchaird Allotments

P/ALL/0006 Flint: Allt Goch Allotments

P/ALL/0007 Flint: Henry Taylor Street Allotments

P/ALL/0011 Flint: Maes Gwyn , Former Allotments - Plot 2

P/ALL/0012 Flint: Maes Gwyn, Former Allotments - Plot 1

Bowling Greens/Clubs

P/BGC/0009 Flint: Bowling Club - Green,, Swinchard Lane

P/BGC/0022 Oakenholt: Bowling Club

Play Areas

P/PA/0002 Flint: Albert Avenue Play Area

P/PA/0057 Flint: The Bardyn Play Area

P/PA/0058 Flint: Duke Street Play Area

P/PA/0059 Flint: Play Area Kiln Close

P/PA/0060 Flint: Pen-Coch Hill Play Area

P/PA/0061 Flint: Min Awel Children's Play Area

P/PA/0062 Flint: Manor Drive Play Area

P/PA/0063 Flint: Cornist Park Play Area

P/PA/0064 Flint: Windsor Drive Play Area

P/PA/0065 Flint Mountain: Y Waen Play Area

P/PA/0144 Flint: Play Area, Halkyn Road

P/PA/0105 Oakenholt: Leadbrook Drive Play Area

P/PA/0106 Oakenholt: Play Area at Croes Atti Lane Recreation Ground

Recreational Ground/ Land

P/RCL/0001 Flint: Swinchard Recreation Land

P/RCL/0007 Flint: Pen-Goch Hill Recreation Land

Sports Grounds/Clubs

P/SGC/0010 Flint: Tennis Courts at Swinchard Recreation Ground

P/SGC/0012 Flint: Football Club Sports Ground/Pitch & Stadium

P/SGC/0013 Flint: Sports Ground: Delyn Rugby Club

* Please note that any assets highlighted in BOLD are subject to a lease and therefore only available to the existing tenant at this time.