Alert Section


The Council have recently launched an E-Invoicing solution which means we now process all Suppliers’ Invoices and Credits in a more efficient way.  We now ‘scan’ all paper as well as emailed invoices and credits into the system.

As a Supplier to the Council, it is essential that you follow our guidelines when sending us your Invoices / Credits so as we can process them as efficiently as possible.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in us rejecting your Invoices / Credits.

E-Invoicing guidelines

Mandatory Information for Invoices & Credits

The following information must be included on all Invoices / Credits you send us:

1. Your Company / Organisation Name
2. Invoice Date (must not be in the future)
3. Invoice Number (must be unique and never been used previously)
4. Net Value
5. VAT Value (if VAT Registered)
6. Gross Value
7. A Valid Flintshire County Council Purchase Order (PO) Number (See No PO No PaySuppliers guide under Useful Documents for more information).

If you’re Company is VAT Registered you also need to display your VAT Number on your Invoice / Credit.

Paper Invoices & Credits

If you post your Invoices and / or Credits to us then they must be posted to the following postal address:- 

Finance Department
Flintshire County Council
County Hall
CH7 6NR 

Emailed Invoices & Credits

If you Email us your Invoices and / or Credits (which many of you already do), then they must:-

1. Be emailed to us at 
2. Be in PDF format.  We do not accept Word, Excel or any other formats. 
3. NOT be a scan of a paper invoice. 
4. Only contain 1 Invoice or Credit per PDF file, however we do accept multiple PDF attachments within an email. 
5. NOT be a consolidated Invoice – i.e. contain more than 1 PO No. 
6. Only contain Invoices and/or Credits – in other words do not include any Statements, Marketing material etc. in the same Email as your Invoices / Credits. 

Supplier Portal

In addition to the above E-Invoicing and No PO No Pay Guidelines, all of our current / active Suppliers must also be registered on the PROACTIS Supplier Portal.  Although the majority of our suppliers are already registered, if your business isn’t, then you will not be able to receive Quotations, Tenders as well as any Purchase Orders from us in the future.  To register, please see our E-Procurement page for more details.  If you’re a current / active supplier (i.e. you currently trade with us), you will need to follow the Supplier Registration for Pin Code Suppliers guide (you will need to obtain a unique Pin Code from your contact within the Council).