Alert Section

Interventions & advice

What we do

  • advise businesses about how to comply with their duties
  • enforce Health and Safety legislation and give advice in relation to certain workplaces and work activities
  • investigate reportable accidents and official notifications (lift equipment reports, pressure vessels, air receivers etc)
  • inspect and monitor skin piercing and sunbed establishments to ensure compliance with legislation and byelaws
  • work in partnership with the Health & Safety Executive in tackling priority accident and disease reduction topics.

Where Do We Enforce Health and Safety?

Both the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authorities such as Flintshire County Council enforce health & safety law. In general it is the main activity at a premises that determines the enforcing authority.

In general Flintshire County Council enforcement officers cover:

  • Retail premises
  • Warehouses (retail/wholesale chain)
  • Offices
  • Catering
  • Hotels & residential care homes etc
  • Consumer services in a shop
  • Leisure activities
  • Animal boarding etc
  • Child care in non-domestic premises
  • Places of worship

The HSE in general cover everything else, e.g. factories, building sites, farms, fairgrounds, quarries, railways, hospitals, schools and colleges.

The HSE can be contacted on 0300 0031647.

Information on how you can raise a concern with HSE about a workplace can be found here (new window).

The work we carry out is in line with the National Local Authority Enforcement Code (new window) which has been drawn up by Health and Safety Executive to guide local authorities with interventions in specific types of premises that carry the highest risks.

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